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Plumber Strand


There are a few situations where you won’t need to hire a plumber. Plumbing issues such as clogged toilets or blocked drains, for example, are frequently resolved with the use of a plunger or a drain unclogging chemical.


But what if you have an emergency plumbing problem that you can’t solve on your own?

Or need to have a geyser installed? Have blocked drains? Do you have a strategy in place to deal with your plumbing needs? Do you know who you can contact, Plumbers in Strand and Plumbers in Somerset West to help with your emergency plumbing problems geyser installations, and best of all, we will also give you a certificate of compliance. We are also qualified to handle all renovations, big or small.


Don’t put off getting your plumbing issues checked until the last hour. Use Strand Plumbing or Somerset West Plumbing for your more difficult plumbing problems to fix the situation before it worsens, and we even cater to the Gordons Bay area. Or keep us in mind when you plan to renovate your dream kitchen or revamp that bathroom. We at Plumber Strand and Somerset West are qualified for any job, big or small.


What reliable services can we at Strand Plumbers and Somerset West Plumbers offer you?

Search no further; we have a team that will come to your home, depending on your location, Strand, Somerset West, or Gordons Bay we cater for the entire Helderberg Basin in Cape Town, Western Cape


Here are a few situations where our professional and efficient plumbers can assist you.


Plumbing at a residential property

Residential property plumbing refers to a wide range of issues in the home. Plumbing professionals can help with a variety of issues in a residential property, including blocked drains, pipe repairs, toilet replacements, tap installations, water leak detection, burst geysers, solar geysers, new geyser installation, sinks drainage, sink replacement, and more. We will assure to respect for entering your property and searching for cost-effective ways to repair your plumbing issue

geyser repair

Strand and Somerset West Plumbers provides optimal, cheap, and safe energy-affordable solutions for all your domestic plumbing repairs, from drain cleaning to pipe repair, with no job to big or small. From kitchen to bathroom, we can assist you with all your emergency jobs or replacement and repairs in the western Cape South Africa.


Plumbing Services for Businesses in Western Cape South Africa

Plumbing concerns in commercial business environments such as office buildings, big-size commercial complexes or buildings, gigantic building structures with several stories, and more are the subject of commercial plumbing services.

Strand and Somerset West plumbers team-teach customers to avoid commercial clogs and provide quality services to restore commercial plumbing to its original state.


Signs it time to call Plumbers in Strand or Somerset West

It’s important to call a plumber when your plumbing troubles go from easy remedies to sophisticated plumbing problems.


Here are seven indicators that your plumbing issues demand more than a quick fix:


You have a blocked drain.

Even after plunging, snaking, or busting out your baking soda and vinegar brew, your drains won’t empty. And your obstinate bathtub drain, sink, or shower refuses to drain properly.

You’ll need to contact a skilled plumber to diagnose and resolve the issue. Soap or grease accumulation and a foreign object lodged somewhere in the pipes are common causes of drainage issues.


Our competent plumbers can also tell you if you have any of the following major problems:


1. invasive Roots.

If your pipes aren’t watertight, tree and plant roots can find their way inside.

Pipes that are offset. The ground on which your home was built settles and changes with time. Old concrete and clay pipes move with it, and gravity will not properly drain the water if they are forced upward.


You have dripping taps

A dripping faucet is an annoyance that costs you money on your monthly water bill.

If a rusted washer causes a leaky tap, it is usually simple to repair. However, you should call a plumber if the slow leak is more serious and involves your compression, cartridge, or ball faucets.

Dripping taps wastewater and is a significant concern for our Helderberg basin, where water shortages and usage restrictions are common. This is all the more reason to engage a licensed professional plumber as soon as possible to solve the problem.


You Have a Blocked Toilet

A clogged toilet is a major issue in households with only one toilet, and in homes with multiple toilets, it is a nuisance. So, after you’ve taken a deep dive, keep an eye on the following:

The flapper, to be precise. A clogged toilet can be caused by a twisted, warped, or fractured flush valve known as a flapper.

The tangle. A detached or broken chain cannot lift the flapper, so the toilet will not flush. To fix the problem, reattach, tweak, or replace the chain.

The tube, to be precise. A leaking or damaged overflow tube admits water into the tank, impeding appropriate filling and flushing.

If the problem persists after you’ve checked these things, it’s time to call a Strand or Somerset West plumber who can help.


Your Pipes Continue to Leak

Water damage from leaking pipes can readily occur in the impacted sections of your home or company. When leaky water is not cleaned up or treated quickly, mold can grow. Mold causes more damage the longer it develops, including respiratory troubles, allergic reactions, and other disorders.

If flex tape, repair clamps, joint fillers, and fitting compounds don’t work, don’t wait too long to address the leak. Instead, make an appointment with a plumber who knows how to solve the problem the first time.


Your Water Pressure Is Low

Turning on the faucet and seeing the water barely trickle out is aggravating. Also, when you have low water pressure, washing your dishes or removing soap from your body in the shower may take twice as long.


Low water pressure can be easily remedied in some cases. Your primary shutoff valve, for example, could be the source of the problem. You only need to crank your valve to ensure it is open or check whether a pressure-reducing valve is fitted.

Water leaks, mineral deposits, debris buildup, or your water supply can all contribute to low water pressure.

When you realize you can’t find or remedy the root of the problem, call a plumber in strand.

You have a leaking septic tank or sewer line.

When you flush your toilet, the water travels down the input pipe to a septic tank or sewage line. Leaks in the septic tank or sewage line are severe and frequently intricate plumbing problems that a skilled professional should handle. This is because the source of the septic tank and sewer problems isn’t usually obvious.

Septic tank and sewer line leaks endanger the environment and the community’s health. You may have a tank or line leak if you observe greener vegetation or puddles of raw sewage in your yard.


You don’t have access to hot water or water at all.

There could be an issue with your geyser if you don’t have any hot water. To diagnose a shortage of hot water in your home, look at the following items on your geyser:


  • Thermostat malfunction
  • Faulty heating element
  • A circuit breaker has been tripped.
  • A geyser has burst.
  • There is no gas.
  • The pilot light has gone out.


Suppose you still don’t have hot water after checking simple problems like your pilot light and circuit breakers. In that case, it’s time to call your local bay plumber, and we will do an on-location geyser repair or do a new geyser installation if we cannot salvage the old one.


If you have no water, your main water shut-off valve may be to blame. Check other taps in your home, ask your neighbors if they have the same problem, replace your tap washer, and make sure your water bill is paid before calling a plumber.

Emergency Plumbers

We are available to serve you anytime, day or night, 365 days a year. Call us Plumbing & Drains in Strand for the greatest plumbing service, from a simple drain blockage to a geyser replacement or a septic tank installation. We are members of the PIRB and the IOPSA. We carry out the following tasks: Plumbers Assistance in an Emergency plumbers (24Hrs) Plumbing Installations for Residential and Commercial Buildings New Installations / Valves / Replacement Geysers Specialists in Drain Cleaning — Mechanical Rooter Machines / High-Pressure Jetting Sewer / Storm Water Camera Inspections – Drain Laying (CCTV) Pipelines –


If you discover that you have running water in your house or workplace and you are unable to diagnose the problem on your own, call the best plumbers to the job and let us do the leak detection and get your water back on so you can resume your normal activities as soon as possible.

Obtain the services of the best plumbers in Strand or Somerset West for your plumbing maintenance.

Some plumbing issues may appear minor initially, but they can quickly become problematic if left unattended or incorrectly repaired. So get the service of our qualified plumbers to get the job done at the most cost-effective plumbers in the bay.


Plumbers Strand and Somerset West Cape Town Western Cape South Africa

In the Helderberg area, contacting a contracted plumber like Strand or Somerset West Plumbers is the best method to resolve your plumbing issues or new installations. With us, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get proper, competent, dependable, affordable, and tried-and-true plumbing services in Somerset West, Gordons Bay, and Strand Cape Town, Western Cape. We have been in the business for many years, and we have just the right knowledge to get the job done in your bathroom, the kitchen, burst pipes, and blocked toilets, we will give you the best service possible and give you free advice on how to keep your plumbing maintenance in good condition.

Our plumbers in Strand Cape Town, western cape, South Africa, are highly skilled, and we ensure that if you hire us, you will receive friendly, cost-effective, and efficient service. We have specialized equipment for detecting pool leaks and removing plant roots and obstructions from sewer lines.